Spam Stop - Fighting spam email on the Internet

Spam email is a huge and continually growing problem, but there are measures you can take to help to stop spam, and reduce its impact on your inbox.

Stop Spam Emails

Spam Stop - Advice and tools to help combat Spam.

Spam protection advice

What you can do to protect yourself and others against spam?

The truth is that the bulk of unsolicited email can be eliminated, but most people are either too lazy, or simply ignorant of what can be done, so the problem continues.

Your computer could be sending spam without your knowledge

Virus treats and worms

A great deal of unwanted email is generated by viruses (worms), which infect a computer and send emails out without the owner’s knowledge.

Ensure you always have up to date virus software installed, and perform a full scan of your computer every week.

Mail servers

If you run your own mail server, ensure that it is properly secured, and will not allow spammers to use it as a relay

Add SPF (Sender Policy Framework) rules to your site, so other mail server can rejected faked emails.