Spam Stop | Spam filtering and advice pages

  • Filter spam email using DNS Black Lists
    Black lists can be used to filter spam and reduce the amount of junk email you receive.
  • ‘Disposable’ e-mail accounts
    If you ever need to give your email address to a site that you do not trust, always use an alternate (secondary) email account rather than your main email account. That way, if your details are passed onto a mailing list, your main account remains safe.
  • Protecting mail servers
    Mail servers that are not correctly configured and secured may be used by spammers to relay junk/spam mail.
  • The Sender Policy Framework
    If you host your own mail server, you should be able to configure your server use SPF as a spam filter to reject email address based on the sender domain SPF record.
  • Reporting spam email
    How and where to take action against the spam email you receive.